Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Eureka, Utah.

     I had work in the great town of Eureka, Utah. When my co-worker and I were finished with the job, We met Warren, the Treasurer of the Eureka Historical Society. Warren offered to show us a couple of places around town, while we were on our lunch break. The first stop was the old jail behind what I believe to be the original City Hall, however before that I ran into this old Diebold safe. As I was processing these photographs, they just seemed to scream--black and white!

     Mike and I got a little creative!

     After the jail, Warren took us across the street to the old Porter Rockwell cabin that was donated to the Historical Society from his family.

     There are old mining artifacts all over town and near the museum, I could spend a day or two just walking around taking pictures!
     Had to try an HDR shot before I left. It wasn't a normal adventure, but it was a "hike" through history!