Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Zion/Bryce Canyon National parks visit.

No hiking, just a picture or two!

   Not wanting to be stuck home for New Years and to beat the winter doldrums, the family and I decided to go some where we have never been before! After researching some options, we decided on Zion National Park. Once that choice was made, we needed a place to stay; I like my tent but not when it's below freezing, and there was no way the my beautiful wife was gong to sleep out in the cold. Luckily for me, I have some great friends that own a rental property just outside the east entrance to Zion. It is an amazing place and you will not find a more beautiful place to stay and enjoy the park!

   After passing through the park and out the east entrance we took the winding road up to the house, it's very hard not to fall in love with the it, the moment you see it!


   Once settled in, we toured the house, and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing. The kitchen is well designed and the entire house is well appointed. If you are looking for a place to stay and are like myself tired of hotels. This just may be the very best way to experience Zion outside of a tent of course. Follow the link if you're interested!


   The next morning, we had a huge breakfast and departed for the park at around 11am; it's amazing, how easy it is to oversleep when you are warm and comfortable and not sleeping on rocks! Zion is absolutely beautiful in winter and if you have never seen it covered in snow, you need to go!

   The Patriarchs are beautiful!

   Caught this on the way to check out the temple I caught this sun star!

   Not sure why I like catching sun stars!
   Angel's Landing.
   We did not hike Angel's landing and there were many doing so as we went through there, but we just wanted to see everything and with the short days I was more than content with just driving through and playing tourist!

   Great White Throne

   I even took a stroll next to the steam!
   On the way out we ran into a traffic jam and below you can see the reason. Every one had to stop and take pictures and I suppose I am just as guilty!

    Evidently, he likes to pose for pictures.

   There's that sun star again!

   Parting shot on the way out of the park.

   After spending the whole day, and eating some great food in Springdale, our thoughts returned to the long drive home. We weren't quite ready to do that, so we looked at the map to see what else we could do to make the trip better, that's when we realized Bryce Canyon wasn't all the far away and it certainly was a place we had never been before. So, the next morning we headed up highway 9 to highway 89 and then along highway 12 to Bryce Canyon.  

   I have to say, I honestly can't tell you which park I like the most. They are both awesome, and each one has it's own merits; you'll have to judge for yourself. I shot this on the way out, through Red Canyon. Another great thing to see in this wonderful state!