Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bryce Canyon Sunrise


   No hike again, but I had to post about the sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park I witnessed this morning. I was up at five and had everything ready to go by five thirty. No one was manning the entrance to the park, but I have a pass, so I headed straight for Sunrise point. The wind was blowing and there was only one other person there, she to was waiting for the sun to rise. The trail to the top was a little treacherous and slick. The snow was deep, but frozen enough to walk on top of without sinking. It was a cold thirty five minutes waiting for the moment the sun was going to show itself. A steady stream of people began trudging up the slick hill to join us. Right before official sunrise the sun crested and I took this!

It may not be the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen but it's close!

Another shot from the same morning!

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  1. Lovely photo! Enjoyed your blog and would love to see other photos from that morning. Never did receive the text you sent that day but managed to track down your blog once I returned home! From the woman who braved the cold, dark and trek through the snow to watch that glorious sunrise!